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International Conference  

Ø  Workshop in CASE2013, Madison to celebrate Prof. Yu-Chi Ho’s 80th birthday

Prof. Yu-Chi Ho and some other members of CFINS attended the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE2013) in Madison  

Ø  Dr. Li Xia attended the 2013 Asian Control Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Xi-Ren Cao, Prof. Qing-Shan Jia and Dr. Li Xia attended the 2013 American Control Conference in Washington  

Ø  Prof. Qianchuan Zhao and PhD student Yin Zhao attended IEEE ICCA 2013  

Ø  Prof. Qianchuan Zhao and PhD student Cangqi Zhou attended ICNSC2013  

Ø  Prof. Xi-Ren Cao, Prof. Weibo Gong, Prof. Xiaohong Guan, Prof. Qing-Shan Jia, and Dr. Li Xia attended the CDC 2012 held in Hawaii, USA.  

Ø  PhD student Qiang Li attended ICON2012 and ICC2013  

Ø  Prof. Peter Luh, Prof. Leyuan Shi, Prof. Qianchuan Zhao and Prof. Qingshan Jia attended the IEEE CASE 2012 03  

Academic Talk in CFINS

Ø  History of Systems Control (1959-2013) via Personal Anecdotes by Prof. Yu-Chi Ho  

Ø  Local properties of behavioral analysis in finance by Prof. Xi-Ren Cao  

Ø  Information Relaxation and Duality in Stochastic Optimal Control by Dr. Enlu Zhou  

Ø  Smart Buildings by Prof. Peter Luh  

Ø  The geometry of (thin) SVD revisited for large-scale computations ---A series of IEEE Control System  

Ø  Society distinguished lecture by Prof. Rodolphe Sepulche  

Ø  Optimal and Robust Scheduling for Networked Control Systems by Dr.Guido Herrmann  

Ø  Distributed Control of Networked Multi-agent Systems: Algorithms and Applications by Prof. Wei Ren  


Ø  Prof. Yu-Chi Ho held symposiums with graduate students in CFINS  

Ø  A party in Boston  

Ø  Network Science Seminar  



Students’ Achievements  

Ø  Two CFINS students got their Ph.D. degrees in this summer  

Ø  Some publications of students of CFINS  

Faculties’ Achievements



Ø  33rd Chinese Control Conference